Jen’s Favorite Cookies

Jen's Favorite Cookies

Today, we shine the Rad Recipes spotlight on Jen’s Favorite Cookies, a blog that focuses entirely on the cookie.

Being an avid cookie-freak, I really enjoyed browsing through tons of mouth-watering cookie recipes. The photos are great and add to the appeal.

Jen's Blog HeaderI love Jen’s blog layout especially the cool header with the cookie-jar. The carousel is absoloutely fascinating and I have to find out how she did that.

Following is the interview by email we had with Jen.

JenRR: What is your first name?

Jen: Jen

RR: What is the name of your blog?

Jen: : Jen’s Favorite Cookies

RR: What is the URL or web address?


RR: How long have you been blogging about food?

Jen: about 3 years

RR: Why did you decide to become a food blogger?

Jen: It started on a whim,really, to give me an excuse to do some of my favorite things, which are writing, baking, and using social media. It has grown into something else over time.

RR: What difficulties have you faced and overcome in becoming a blogger?

Jen: It’s difficult to learn to do it well. There is a lot to know about creating recipes, photography, techinical aspects of blogging, writing, marketing, social media, and more.

RR: Which, if any, food personality (blogger, chef, tv) that you try to
> emulate?

Jen: I really strive to create a blog that shows my individuality and my own personality. I have been influenced by many, but I don’t really try to emulate any of them.

brown sugar cookies

RR: Give us a sample recipe.

 Jen: Here’s one I like. Pumpkin Swirl Sugar Cookies

RR: What is the mission of your blog?

Jen: To give people a place to escape everyday life for a few minutes, and to provide great dessert recipes.

RR: What camera do you use for your food photography?

Jen: The camera I use is a Canon Rebel that I bought used from my neighbor about a year ago.  It’s kind of old and pretty well used, but it gets the job done!

RR: What one main tip would you give new bloggers?

Jen: I think photography makes the biggest difference between excellent food blogs and the less-than-stellar.  It’s the gorgeous photos that convince people to visit you in the first place, and it’s the gorgeous photos that convince them to stay for a few minutes once they’re there.  I work on photography every week, and I believe it’s an essential skill.

RR: Anything else that you would like to mention about yourself or your blog?

Jen: I have one hard-and-fast rule, which is that if I cannot find the
ingredients in my local grocery store, I don’t use them.  I’m fortunate to have a really nice store near me, but I realize that this isn’t the situation for everyone.  I have vowed to never blog any recipes that requires a trip to a specialty store!

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